Control4 HC-800 controller
Designed to serve as the primary controller for every control4 installation, the HC-800 has power to connect and control virtually anything in the home at blazing-fast speeds.
• Instantaneous, interactive on-screen control and browsing of large media libraries
• Certified HDMI with audio and video, plus extensive audio inputs and outputs, IR, serial , contacts and relays for realiable connectivity
• Sleek, elegant design for flexible installation in a cabinet, on a shelf or in a rack


Control4 HC-250 controller 

And ideal controller for single-room solutions, the HC-250 is a great alternative to more constrained universal remote solutions and also easily delivers on-screen control to each TV in larger installations.
• Sleek, low-profile design with integrated power supply and PoE provides flexible installation options and makes it the perfect behind-every-TV solution
• Certified HDMI with audio and video, plus component video output to integrate with legacy systems
• Connect and control virtually anything in the room a with audio outputs, audio input, IR, serial, contact and relay for reliable connectivity


Control4 IO Extender
Easily add more control capability to your new or existing home-control system.
• Extended IR and serial outputs plus 8 additional contacts and 8 relays
• Flexible rack or wall mounting options

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