Add more features and functionality to your control4 system with these monitoring and control extensions.


Card access smart garage parckages
Automate your garage for added peace of mind
• Control your garage from anywhere using control4 4singht
• Program your garage to open or close based on time of day or other events ( lights off, doors locking, temperature levels, etc.)




Card access water leaker detection package
Protect your home from significant ater damage
• Available in line. powered or battery- powered configurations
• Receive alert the minute water accumulates somewhere it shouldn´t




Card access contact/motion sensor
Trigger and control events based on motion and occupancy.
• Save money and energy by automatically turning off and other systems in unoccupied rooms
• Automate indoor and outdoor lighting for safety and convenience




Card access zigbee pro extender
Improve zigbee mesh-networking performance
• Eliminate mesh network “dead sports” by increasing the size or density of the zigbee mesh-network
• Solve problems with “parent-child “device ratios and “routing” vs. “non-routing “nodes




Card access mini remote
Carry a “personal keypad” with you anywhere you go with the card access mini remote.
• Enjoy easy home-entry control. Including gates, garages, electronic door locks, turn on lights or arm/disarm security systems
• Feel secure with a personal “panic button” to create “call for help” events or send help requests to family members
• Control your multi-room audio on/off, next song, genre, volume up/down controls

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