Control 4 dimmers and switches replace existing light switches, or plug into outlets to offer Complete control of your lights electronic equipment without construction hassles

 1 04Control4 wireless dimmers and switches

Enjoy affordable smart lighting throughout your entire home

  • Turn standard light switches into a smart lighting solution by simply swapping out in-wall dimmers of switches, no special wires needed
  • Create lighting scenes for security, energy management, special events and daily usage patterns
  • Customizable LED lights for visible status updates

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 Control4 wireless outlet dimmers and switches

Instantly make any household plug-in part of the control4 system
• Turn any standard outlet into 2 smart outlets
• Small form factor with secure mounting
• Built-in dimming capability on the dimmer, and power-current sensing on the switch


Climate and lighting

Advance temperature control is a simple and affordable addition that also provides real energy savings

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Control4 wireless thermos that
Easily add advanced temperature control to respond to the outside temperature, season, event or time of day
• Bi-redirectional communication with all control4 interfaces
• Stand-alone functionality
• Up to 6 customizable set point per day


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Control 4 fireplace switch
Control the temperature and ambience in your home
• Make your gas fireplace an automatic part of your heating and cooling settings
• Control the fireplace as part of customized lighting scenes

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